In the field of electronic mounting, semiconductors, and liquid crystal display module assembly, we have been reforming manufacturing processes centering on electric circuit forming technology by providing various types of PCB inspection machines, peripherals, electronic materials, and others. We give the best solutions to our customers, utilizing our own world-wide network.

Panasonic SMT Systems

Panasonic is a leading manufacturer in the electronics mounting field. We have been selling Panasonic SMT systems for over 15 years.
Our offices are located throughout the world to support our customers.
We can make arrangements such as delivery schedule adjustments according to our customers’ requirements, and flexible financial schemes including leasing and rental.

SMT peripheral equipment

• SMT • Post SMT • Peripheral Equipment
– Screen Printer – Automatic Inserter – Desktop Inspection
– Chip Mounter – Wave/ Robotic/ Selectivesoldering – BGA Rework
– Reflow – PCB Separator – Nozzle/ Mask Cleaner
– Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) – Conformal Coating/ Dispenser – Smart Cart
– Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) – X-Ray Inspection – Material Tower
– Conveyor – ICT/ FCT – N2 Generator
– PCB Cleaner – Lean Assembly – Laser marking system
etc. etc. etc.

Semiconductor (COB/FC)

Combining production equipment with our solid track record and peripherals, enables us to provide them as a high-efficiency production line in the display and electronic device fields including COB/Flip chip. We have good after-sales service teams including solution engineers to meet the needs of advanced manufacturing processes.
We are able to fully support customers working on high-efficiency manufacturing processes through our extensive knowledge.


LOGITO is a smart logistics solution and system for the manufacturing and warehousing industries. It enables your factory to introduce automated warehousing, AMRs (autonomous mobile transport robots) and robot arms at low costs.

Technical Center

Our technical center was opened in September 2020 in New Delhi with main purposes of:
・ Preliminary tour and evaluation.
・ Post-purchase Operating / Maintenance training
・ Various seminar courses.
We will create a better environment for your company.

AI for Industrial Use

We provide solutions for AI used Abnormal Detection, Picture Recognition as well as Process Optimization.
Application Field;
1. Process Optimization in pettochemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.
2. Abnormal Detection and Preventive Maitenance for plant operation.
3. Picture recognition for error detection.